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Having Fun with Fashion

I've been getting out and about in the last couple of weeks finding pre-loved clothing, washing it, ironing it, doing a little repair work, de-fluffing the jumpers.... there's more to this than just finding the clothes! I hope you appreciate my efforts and take a bit of time to look at what I've found. It's been tiring, but great fun too, as I've found some lovely pieces to bring to you :)

Wonderful woolies!

I've found a few juicy jumpers, from Paul Smith, Jaegar, Pringle, Lyle & Scott, Glenmuir, Peter Scott and Hawick knitwear. All in great condition and most of them 100% lambswool made here in Scotland.

Delightful designers

I have also managed to find a couple of designer pieces by Jasper Conran for Debenhams and lots of fun fashion from other designers. Some of the pieces are hard to date, so I will only call something vintage when I know for sure it's over 25 years old.

#vintage #fashion

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